When is it time to have a sewer maintainance?

When is it time to have a sewer maintainance?

When you own a house or a business, it is important to take proper care –Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου–of your sewer system. It might not seem important to you, but the main reasons of leaks and pipe cracks are the lack of proper maintainance and the shedding of products in the sinks and toilet bowl.

We have created a list of reasons and hints that your own system could be “throwing” at you, when it is in desperate need of maintainace and cleaning. We will also present you the reasons why you need proper and frequent drain maintainance.

Clogged drains or toilet

When you realize that your toilet or sinks start to keep the water instead of draining it, it is definitely time to call the professionals and have your sewers drained. Do not ignore these signs as they could be the bedinning of a series of serious problems in your plumbing system.

A clogged toilet could lead to overflow and other problems, let alone the fact that you will not be able to use it until it is fixed by a professional. The clogged drains are a big problem too as you will not be able to wash your dishes or even your hands as they could overflow too.

Loud pipe noises and Leaks

If you happen to hear noises coming from your pipes then you migh have a leak in one of them. As ound that resembles a faucet that is dripping down on a bowl full of water is exactly the sound that means there is a leak.

If you are not able to find the exact spot of the leak (you should find drops of water at this spot) then you will need to call the exprerts in drain cleaning Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. The leaks are often notices in the cupboard below your drain, at the sink in your bathroom or at the most random spot.

If you notice water on the floor you should immediately call the experts to make sure you will not have any bigger problems like a flood.


This is one of the most annoying things that you could experience. It grows everywhere and it can damage a lot of your belongings. It is a result of stagnant water which stays there for long periods of time. It can also be created by the high levels of humidity in a room or floor.

The worse thing is that it can be easily transferred on other surfaces pretty easily and it is hard to get rid of it. It goes from your wall to your furniture, electric devices and carpets and it pretty much ruins them. You will definitely have a hard time cleaning it amd the most common possibility is that it comes back after a few days.

If you notice mould you should definitely have a professional cleaning and draining serviceΑποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη to take care of your problem and discover whether or not there is a leak that created the mould.

Slow draining in sinks

When you wash your hands in the bathroom sink or when you are washing the dishes in the kitchen, do you notice that the water is getting down the drain slowly? If this is the case then you probably need a professional drain cleaning service. This is also valid for your bathtub, as it is the most common drain to get clogged due to hair that ends up there every day.

Make sure to remove every hair or other particles that are visible and run the tap again. If the water is still draining slowly, then there is something blocking your system. Please do not interfere with your plumbing system as you could deal bigger damage to it. Instead of messing with your system, call a draining service expert and let them handle the clogged drain.

Why should you maintain your sewer system annualy?

The truth is that even if you do not experience any of the situations mentioned above, you will still need to have yyour sewer system mainatained and cleaned at least once or twice a year. Why? We will explain it to you with arguments.

  1. You will avoid bigger and more important damage in your plumbing system. Maintaining your sewer in an annual basis helps you keep it clean and at the same time it is inspected for any other damage like a leak or a crack.
  2. Your plumbing system will work perfectly. No slow draining in your sinks and bath tub and of course no clogged toilets.
  3. No annoying sounds coming from your pipes and no leaks creating pools of water at your house! Which equals to little to no chances of getting mould on your walls, furniture and other important and valuabe belongings of yours.
  4. No unexpected toilet and sink-related problems that require an immediate solution no matter what time it is!
  5. No unpleasant smells, as the system is being power washed when cleaned so every bit of grease and build up is gone for good!

Sewer maintainance by professionals

After all, maintaining your sewer annually -Αποφράξεις Παπάγου-  or even twice a year if you own a business, will help you stay out of trouble as far as the sewer is concerned. A blocked sewer could bring many problems to a househould, let alone a business or a shop. It could be the reason why you will miss some clients as you are not able to let them use the restroom when a sink is clogged.

Furthermore, it would be unprofessional to open your store whilw the roilwt would not be availabe or while unpleasant smells are coming out of your sewage.

If you are located in Athens or at the region of Attiki, the professional sewer maintainance company of Antoniou -Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου- could be the solution of every sewer-related problem.

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