15 trends in women bags to wear this summer

The trends you need to know this year if you are a “bag addict”– τσάντες γυναικείες,is here for you!

If the image of Carrie Bradshaw holding her pink, Prada, shoulder bag and wandering the streets of Manhattan (before Pandemia, Coronation and Desolation) is familiar to you, then congratulations; you are also a true child of the 90s and you have been nurtured by right principals. In other words, you know the importance that a pair of statement shoes can play in a set and how important the acquisition of an It-Bag can be for the overall configuration and upgrade of your wardrobe.

And because, you may well think that this is not the time for casual shopping, but you can’t claim it’s not the right time to invest in a bag trend that won’t be ephemeral but will keep you busy. for many, many years to come. So the ten trends in bags for the summer of 2020 that you will see below… are hot now, at the time these lines are written here, but they will be stylish and current in the near future.

We’ve seen them in the collections of the most famous fashion houses in the world –eponimes evropaikes tsantes,  (aka Prada, Chanel, Celine, Stella McCartney) and as you will see for yourself in the gallery, they harmonize with all styles without representing something too eccentric and sophisticated. Because if you’re a real “bag addict”, you know that what makes It-bag stand out from the rest, common bags, is its timeless finesse and practicality. 


Soft leather bags

If you do not like a very structured look, with a perfect shape and proportions like a tote, then these women’s bags are perfect for you. Slouchy styles as they are called were presented on the catwalks of all the big houses.

From Salvatore Ferragamo to Altuzarra, in wonderful shapes and colours, they were uniquely combined with all the new trends. Even the large size of the women’s bag by Bottega Veneta that was presented to us a few weeks ago is a new trend that can be worn every day and all hours of the day and night with the right set.


The colour green

If you follow with us the fashion weeks of the great designers you will have noticed that for the Spring and Summer of 2020 many suggested the colour green. The colour, of course, did not exist in a specific tone but in all its shades and in all textures.

Follow this trend by choosing your favourite women’s green bag. Do not hesitate to wear it even in your daily life as it can highlight your simplest set.

Bucket bags

This trend is not new to all of us and you definitely have one in your collection. It appeared a few years ago and it is true that it is difficult to separate them. This is the main reason why designers try every season to upgrade them and present them to us even more unique and wonderful.

You can dare the ultimate for Spring and Summer 2020 by buying a women’s bag that combines two trends together. A woven pouch like that of Prada or a bucket bag decorated with wings like that of Valentino.


Round bags

Another trend that started last summer and apparently came to stay for another year. The size, colour and material of the women’s bag is not something that should scare you in its choice. All textures and colours can be worn this season as long as it is a circular bag and can highlight your personal style.

Bags with Chain

One of the timeless choices for this season is the women’s bag with chain. Of course, there is no way that there is not even one in your collection, but for this year, in the Spring and Summer of 2020, the designers went one step further.

Chains are an element that goes into all our accessories and more. From shoes and clothes to jewellery and bags. Look for your favourite totes, satchels or minaudières and add this extra item for the season that is just beginning. After all, it is the kind of women’s bag that accompanies us in all our formal outings and social obligations.

Square bags

Shoe trends are the square shape for spring and summer of 2020. Something that, as we have said before, could not but affect women’s bags. And, while round bags are still a trend, if you prefer a bag with more corners, you can choose the squares.

It is also an elegant choice and an alternative to when you need to take some basic elements with you but you don’t want to use your favourite clutch again.

Classic Women’s Folder

It remains a timeless choice in women’s bags and can be worn at all hours of the day and all seasons. Of course, saying that you could use square bags instead of your clutch doesn’t mean you can’t use it whenever you want.

There are three trends for spring and summer 2020. The first is a triangle-shaped folder while the second trend is a folder where you can put your hand inside and hold it. If you have enough personal items that you want to have in your folder, in addition to your mobile phone and lipstick you can see the next trend that you will surely love.


Large clutch

On the catwalks of the fashion weeks, we watched we saw bags of all sizes and textures. There were many mini and small bags, but there were also many oversized ones, including these large clutches. Choose to add a bright colour, a neutral pastel or a classic timeless black to your collection.

Animal print

A perennial timeless style that will remain for many more years in our hearts and collections. Choose your favourite print and wear it from morning to night, in your daily life but also for your spring and summer social events.


For another season, the Saddle Bags remain in the spotlight and continue to complement our personal style. So don’t rush to put your Saddlebag aside for Spring and Summer 2020, just combine it according to your wardrobe for a more preppy style


Knitted bags

The trend of knitted shoes for 2020 affected, as expected, the trends in the women’s bag. It was not as surprising as expected when the first knitted bags appeared on the catwalks of well-known fashion designers. For your next purchase, choose a knitted bag or one with a texture that looks like a knit and bring the summer a little closer to you.


No wonder here! Florals are always an expected but special trend in clothes and accessories during the spring and summer. After all, nothing is more reminiscent of spring than blooming flowers. So show off your personal style by choosing two trends for Spring and Summer 202, a square floral bag!

With Bamboo Handles

The appearance of the bag with the bamboo handles was made by Gucci when World War II was still in progress. Several decades have passed since then and designers have at their disposal a plethora of materials. But obviously, the bamboo handle is still a basic material that most of us like and Gucci doesn’t forget that.

Dots and plaid

Of course, the rest of the prints that accompany us in recent years could not be absent this season, apart from florals and animal prints. Dots in any size and plaid in all colour combinations will continue to accompany us this season in our daily outings. So look for your new everyday bag in stores through the suggestions presented to us by the famous fashion designers.

Animal-shaped bag

Many designers for spring and summer had a more playful mood and decided to portray animal forms in their bags. So instead of choosing an animal print for your new bag, you now have the opportunity for your new women’s bag to have the shape of your favourite animal.

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