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We have a massive pantry that I Enjoy…the place is a desire following obtaining a small pantry for so lots of a long time at our outdated home. Since of the sizing, we shop a lot more than just foodstuff in there — heaps of appliance, kitchen towels, paper merchandise, and many others. 

You really should see how it seemed ahead of! Yikes.

DIY pull out tray for appliances

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We Really like  that issue — it is so practical and I will be repeating it in this redo! 

I’ve dreamed for years about turning our pantry into extra of a butler’s pantry — where by most of the meals is concealed in the cabinets. We maintain the pantry doorway open up 24/7 for the reason that our animal’s meals is in there, and we are in and out all day long. 

I have been craving a prettier room, but much more importantly, extra purpose! I felt like there was so a lot wasted with the open bottom under the cabinets, and there was a very good 3 ft above the leading of them. 

This is why I like to are living with a room right before I invest money or time on it. I imagine it truly is so significant to live in a house in advance of you make any major renovation or decor decisions. 

SO…whilst I wait on parts to appear back in stock for my closet makeover, I decided to deal with this pantry! And so considerably I Appreciate IT! 

I am so fired up about this redo. It truly is turning out so nicely, but I want to share my renovation system with you to start with. 

I figured I’d go with IKEA cupboards, since I have been applying their products and solutions in my closet. I thought they would be significantly less costly and be a lot easier to locate in stock. 

I used their structure prepare instrument, which is awesome! I entered the measurements of our area and commenced incorporating the cupboards: 

IKEA kitchen planning tool

It wasn’t exact, since I experienced about 10 inches of space to fill (much more on that in a little bit), but it genuinely assisted me visualize the format. 

As you can see, I am only introducing cabinets together the back again wall, not all around the corner like the melamine shelf structure. Because the cabinets are deeper (24″), it was awkward introducing a corner cabinet — it took up way too a great deal room. 

On the IKEA web page you can click a button and it lists all of the sections and the cost following you happen to be accomplished planning. Turns out it was WAY far more than I required to shell out, and when I observed all of the items I might have to get just to assemble the cabinets, I determined to search somewhere else. 🙂 

Pre-assembled cabinetry it is! Ha!

mud room dark blue base cabinets

You can customise these in so a lot of ways! 

But I wanted some thing I could install and it would glance superior right away, with out a great deal operate on the drawer fronts. The pantry redo as a whole is more than enough get the job done for now. 😀

I finished up ordering in stock cabinets from Household Depot. I selected a gentle grey possibility given that it would tie in nicely with our kitchen area island and vent hood. 

I had to enjoy all-around with my format, and ended up heading with two lessen base cupboards, a person 18 inch and just one 24: 
gray base drawer cabinets

Just like in the mud area, the drawers have been a must! I would have a whole kitchen with just drawers if I could do it all around yet again. They function SO Significantly improved in my impression. 

I may perhaps insert some detail to individuals cupboard doors afterwards, but for now I’m digging the easier appear. 

Simply because we have loads of large appliances and greater stuff like pet meals bins, I considered these tall pantry cabinets were the ideal alternative: 

tall gray pantry cabinet

General the only cabinetry I am applying is two base cabinets and two tall pantries. 

Right here are some of my suggestions to increase lots of storage in this compact room: 

  • I’m building a skinny “bookcase” with the remaining ten inches of room we have after the cupboards are installed. I will use all those for baskets with linens and cookbooks.
  • I will not likely be hanging higher cupboards any place, but as an alternative will establish an open cupboard earlier mentioned the pantry units for massive serving dishes and decor.
  • I’m most thrilled about the counter house we’ll have in there — it is not heading to be large (42 inches), but it’s heading to increase so considerably purpose! It will permit us to use some appliances in the pantry, prep food items, and hold extras although entertaining…so lots of things! 
  • I am introducing open shelving earlier mentioned the foundation cupboards as perfectly. Wood floating shelves are very uncomplicated to establish and they’re going to incorporate a lot of functionality to this room. 

We moved on this redo sooner than planned simply because the electrician could get us in considerably speedier than I believed. If you’ve at any time hired a contractor to perform on your residence at the end of the yr, you know how tricky it is to secure a place! 

The final quarter is often nuts…folks (me) want to get tasks performed just before the vacations. 🙂 

To get this area all set for the electrician, I required to clear out all of the meals. I sorted by each individual one thing and tossed nearly anything that had expired. 

I piled the food stuff and objects into our mud area and was left with the empty cabinets: 

melamine pantry unit shelves

They ended up fairly straightforward to clear away — I commenced with all of the shelves, then removed the top rated and bottom parts, then the facet components and the wall supports: 

taking down melamine shelves

I’m reusing the full melamine process for two jobs — most of it will go to generate a closet developed in unit for our son. 

The rest will be utilized to produce some pull out shelves for our tall pantry cupboards, so no squander! 

glass containers for pasta

I am tremendous impressed with them — the glass is a good deal thick and the lid keeps it airtight. 

For the tile backsplash above the countertops, I am seeking to decide involving two Really distinctive solutions. 

I unquestionably Enjoy this blue and grey star tile: 

I discovered this actual tile at Floor and Decor. It truly is known as Adessi Atlas porcelain tile. The hyperlinks less than the image are very similar versions in distinctive colorways.

Since it is this kind of a tiny place, the cost is definitely good! I love the hues in this and the bold layout. 

But I also enjoy this peel and adhere tile, which surprises me:

marble peel and stick tile

pantry with melamine shelving

This is the SimplInstall Aspen White Marble peel and adhere, also from Ground and Decor. 

I enjoy that it would be less difficult to put in. No grout, no mortar. 

My family prefers the a lot more modern fake stone peel and adhere, and I’m seriously drawn to it. But I also adore the bold glance of the tile. I won’t be able to make your mind up!

I bought both of those alternatives, so I am going to have to get every little thing mounted and place them up against the wall to assistance me make a decision.

Are you with me? I’m so energized about this pantry redo! When I’m finished it will have WAY extra storage, but it will be at the rear of shut doorways and simply accessible. I am thrilled about that!

I will share far more of this butler’s pantry makeover shortly! Scheduling and decorating modest spaces like this is my beloved — it takes a large amount of dilemma fixing but that is enjoyable for me. 🙂 

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The Story of Halo So Far: What You Need to Know Before Playing Halo Infinite

The Story of Halo So Far: What You Need to Know Before Playing Halo Infinite

There are two major Halo milestones on the horizon: The series’ 20th anniversary, and the launch of Halo Infinite. For those who lived through it, it can be hard to think that we first set foot on the titular Halo ring two decades ago now, and yet the fanbase for this game has only grown as the series has gone on. Despite dropping the number, Halo Infinite is technically the sixth game in the mainline series, but there are even more spinoff games, and even more expanded media outside of games.

While the lore of Halo spans literally thousands, if not millions, of years, you don’t have to go back to the very beginning to understand what is going on with the Master Chief in preparation for Halo Infinite. However, new fans, or older fans who have been waiting for this game a very long time, may not be familiar with the events leading up to this latest adventure with our favorite Spartan II. If you need a refresher on the events that bring us up to the start of this game, without getting bogged down in the complex lore that only die-hard fans really need to dig into, then we’re here to catch up in time for Halo Infinite. 

Spoiler alert: It should be obvious considering the nature of this article, but yes, we’re spoiling just about all the Halo games’ plots ahead. That includes Halo Wars, Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved: Halo 2, Halo: ODST, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 5: Guardians, and Halo Wars 2. Read on prepared to have those games spoiled if you haven’t played them.

Further reading

Halo Wars

A squad of tanks being hit by a plasma blast.

Halo Wars was, and still kind of is, one of the black sheep of the Halo franchise. It’s an RTS, not FPS, doesn’t feature Master Chief, and there isn’t even a mention of a Halo. So, why is it important? Well, it sets up the entire conflict of the first several games, and characters here will actually swing back around and become very important in setting up what’s going on in Halo Infinite.

Set in 2532, which is six years into humanity’s war with the Covenant and 20 years before Halo: Combat Evolved, the game follows the commander of the UNSC warship Spirit of Fire, Captain James Cutter, who is engaged in battle on the planet Harvest where they have been ordered to investigate the Covenant that have set up bases there. As it turns out, the Covenant, under the command of an Arbiter (not to be confused with the Arbiter from Halo 2), have been digging out ancient Forerunner technology under the surface. The human forces defeat the Covenant at the dig site and discover that the tech was actually a map that would lead the Covenant to another human-occupied planet known as Arcadia.

The crew of the Spirit of Fire proceed to Arcadia, chasing after the Covenant, and attempt to fight off the alien threat while evacuations are made. The defense is successful, but the Arbiter does manage to kidnap Ellen Anders, the Spirit of Fire’s scientist and Forerunner expert. The crew gets back aboard their ship and chases after the Arbiter to an undiscovered planet. Here humanity first encounters a threat even greater than the Covenant, the Flood. But they also learn that the planet itself is hollow, and within the shell is a small sun. The Covenant plan on activating a hidden fleet of Forerunner ships within this planet as a secret weapon to finally win the war against humanity.

Anders manages to escape while the Covenant are activating the Forerunner ships, and the crew decides to try and obliterate the new fleet before the Covenant can escape with it by removing and overloading their own faster-than-light engine within the miniature sun to cause it to go supernova. The crew kill the Arbiter and his team attempting to stop them, but the engine was damaged and can no longer be detonated remotely. Forge, the ship’s Sergeant, stays behind to manually detonate the engine as the Spirit of Fire escapes. However, no longer being able to travel at faster-than-light speeds, the crew has no choice but to enter cryo sleep until they are rescued.

Halo: Reach

Noble Team striking a pose.

Twenty-one years later, the Covenant are still advancing on humanity, wiping out nearly every colony we have, and have just discovered one of humanity’s strongest military outposts, Reach. The important thing about this planet you need to know beforehand is that this is where the Spartan program was born, producing the genetically modified super soldiers like the Master Chief, who won’t be making an appearance just yet. Master Chief is a Spartan II, while the main characters of Reach are Spartan IIIs, which are slightly-less-super super-soldiers, but easier to make.

Noble Six is the newest Spartan addition to Noble Team, a squad of Spartan IIIs stationed on Reach just before the Covenant ambush the planet. While on a mission to check up on a comms relay, they find that the Covenant have found and are invading Reach and are immediately put to work defending Sword Base. Sword Base is where Dr. Halsey, creator of the Spartan program, is stationed. After rescuing Halsey, the team is sent on various missions across Reach to try and repel the Covenant forces, including the assault on a Covenant supercarrier in space. As the team goes on more missions, more members of Noble Team begin to fall, and it becomes more and more clear that Reach can’t be saved.

Noble Team is eventually directed to go back to Sword Base by Halsey to retrieve an artifact she has that she insists is the key to winning the entire Covenant war. Spoiler alert, it kind of is. This artifact turns out to be the A.I. Cortana, which they need to bring to the ship the Pillar of Autumn to be taken off of Reach. More of Noble Team are granted noble (get it?) deaths as they fight their way to the shipyard. Eventually, only Noble Six remains to deliver Cortana to Captain Keyes of the Pillar of Autumn. Noble Six is forced to stay behind, however, and use a massive turret to cover the Autumn’s escape. Noble Six is eventually overwhelmed and dies on Reach.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Master Chief shooting an Elite in the back.

Taking place directly after Halo: Reach, we finally meet our main protagonist of the series, Master Chief, as he is woken up aboard the Pillar of Autumn. Keyes used Cortana to pilot the ship through slipspace, arriving near the titular ringed structure we will come to know as Halo. Unfortunately, the Covenant were not far behind, attacking the ship and forcing Master Chief to team up with Cortana and evacuate onto the Halo’s surface.

After a hot landing, Chief and Cortana round up as many survivors as possible in an attempt to survive the still-pursuing Covenant forces. They soon learn that Keyes has been taken captive, so they launch a rescue mission, learning the name of Halo and that the Covenant think it is some kind of Forerunner weapon. Not knowing what, or how, it could be used, they unanimously agree that it would be better not to find out. While Keyes goes looking for weapons, Chief and Cortana head to the control room. After accessing the computers here, Cortana discovers that something sinister is hiding on the ring and urges Chief to go find Keyes.

Here the Flood finally shows up again, canonically anyway. This parasitic hivemind infects any sentient life, assimilating it into their own ranks with rapid efficiency. The Flood, now loose on Halo, awaken another important character, 343 Guilty Spark, who is an A.I. in charge of maintaining Halo. He (or they?) insist that Master Chief turn on Halo’s defense system to contain the Flood, which poses a massive threat to the entire galaxy if it escapes. That makes sense, but Cortana realizes in the nick of time that the so-called defense systems Spark intends for Master Chief to activate will actually kill off all sentient life in the galaxy, and not the Flood. Basically, it would only end up killing the Flood because it wouldn’t have any sentient life left to feed on. Not a good deal, really.

Instead, Chief and Cortana just decide it would be better to blow the whole thing up, which they could do by overloading the Pillar of Autumn’s reactors. The only problem is that Keyes is the only one with the ship’s activation codes. They track down the Captain, who had been absorbed by the Flood, and get the codes off him. Triggering the Autumn to explode, Chief and Cortana make a thrilling escape, avoiding Flood and Covenant forces, and manage to board a ship and make it away from the massive explosion. Unknown to them at the time, Guilty Spark also managed to survive the Halo’s destruction.

Halo 2

Master Chief shooting an SMG in a burning city.

You know that one elite from Halo: Combat Evolved? The one that was apparently in charge of stopping you from blowing up their holy superweapon? No? Doesn’t matter, he was there the whole time, trust us. Anyway, he’s not doing so good since the leaders of the Covenant blame him for, you know, the whole blown-up Halo thing. Instead of killing him, though, they make him the next Arbiter. Meanwhile, Master Chief is given a fancy medal for blowing up Halo back on the main fleet orbiting Earth.

We also learn a lot more about how the Covenant work, such as their three leaders being the High Prophets of Truth, Regret, and Mercy, plus a new race called the Brutes that fill their ranks. All you really need to know about them is that they worship anything made by the Forerunners, and specifically believe that activating Halo is the way to achieve salvation through a “great journey.” But, since it turns out humanity are the only ones who can actually activate Halos, these Prophets decide to wipe us all out to cover up the fact that their “religion” isn’t as airtight as they thought and come up with the scheme to go to war with us.

For the first time, this game is split into two halves: One following our old buddy Master Chief and Cortana, and the other the Arbiter. The Arbiter is given the most dangerous missions the Prophets can come up with for him, and Chief, well, does his Chief thing.

Arbiter’s first mission is to put down a group of heretics that question the Covenant’s beliefs and claim the Prophets are just big liars, who actually turn out to be totally correct. The Arbiter is still blindly loyal to the Covenant, though, and carries out his mission to kill the heretic, who learned the truth from a certain A.I. 343 Guilty Spark somehow wound up with this guy, filling him in on what Halo is really for, but is now held captive by a Brute captain.

Back on, or rather orbiting, Earth, Chief’s party is crashed when the Covenant show up. That’s a big problem because, prior to that moment, they didn’t know where Earth even was. Chief takes Cortana again and mounts a defense, ending with him riding a Covenant bomb out into space, shoving it into a Covenant ship, and landing back on a human ship that takes him down to the surface. So, yeah, he’s a super-soldier.

The Covenant, led by the Prophet of Regret, have broken through and managed to land in the city of New Mombasa. Chief joins the fight, and humanity actually appears to be winning the fight for once. That all changes when Regret decides to bail using his slipspace drive … while still inside the city, causing massive damage. Getting on a new ship, In Amber Clad, along with Keyes’ daughter Commander Miranda Keyes, Chief pursues the Prophet through space where they find … another Halo!? Halo 2, or as they call it Delta Halo, is actually installation 05 out of a total of seven Halo rings total. They all do the same thing, though, and therefore can’t fall into Covenant hands.

The Prophet alerts the main Covenant force about this new Halo, which isn’t good, so Chief rushes after him. He corners the Prophet in an underwater lab of some kind, jumps on his floating chair thing, and punches him to death. Before he can celebrate, though, the Covenant fleet start blowing up everything and Chief is knocked out, only to be dragged deep into the Halo’s waters by a mysterious tentacle.

As it turns out, killing a Prophet was a big deal for the Covenant, who decide that the Brutes are a smarter choice than the Elites to be their guards. Despite the fact that you can tell that’s a bad move just by the names of these races, they go ahead and totally humiliate the entire Elite race in front of everyone. Anyway, our old pal the Arbiter is on another mission while all this is going down, this time to get the index for Delta Halo, which is basically the key to making it fire. Our other old, and new, pals, Keyes and Sgt. Johnson, are also trying to get the index, but are stopped by the Arbiter. The Brute chieftain shows up at this point, all too smug about the Prophets’ promoting the Brutes, and reveals that they’re basically wiping out all of the Elites now and knocks Arbiter off a cliff.

Through Halo and Flood magic, both Arbiter and Chief end up in the same place: The hands of the Gravemind. Gravemind is the main, disgusting, plant-looking brain of the Flood, basically. He tells Arbiter the truth about the so-called “great journey” and how it’s just bad for everyone involved. At least temporarily, the Flood, humans, and Elites all agree to focus on not letting the Halo fire and kill everyone and everything. Gravemind uses his powers of teleportation, we guess, to send Arbiter near the control room to stop the Brutes from activating the ring, and Chief onto the Covenant’s main ship, High Charity.

Things on High Charity are a bit stressed, what with the whole civil war breaking out between Elites and Brutes. Oh, and a Flood-infested ship crashes into it too, just to make things even more interesting. The Prophet of Mercy is eaten by the Flood, leaving only Truth as the sole leader of the Covenant. He sends the big bad Brute leader, along with Keyes and Johnson, down to the control room on Halo to set the ring off. Chief and Cortana have to split up, with Cortana staying behind to blow up High Charity, and Halo with it, just in case the ring is activated. Master Chief boards the weird triangle ship Truth is escaping on.

On Delta Halo, the Arbiter and Johnsen team up to try and rescue Keyes, who is being used as a key (get it?) by the Brutes to activate the ring. For whatever reason, Arbiter thinks he can talk sense into the Brute chieftain, which obviously fails, and he starts up the Halo. Johnson and Arbiter have to kill the Brute and manage to turn off the Halo just in time, but because it was activated in the first place, it, and all the other Halos, are put in a kind of standby mode. Guilty Spark tells them that this means they can ALL be turned on at once from one location known as The Ark.

Chief, still on Truth’s triangle ship, arrives back on Earth where, if you forgot, an invasion is still going on. He radios the Admiral who asks him what the heck he’s doing on an alien spaceship. Chief delivers probably the biggest tease possible before a game’s credits: “Finishing this fight.” Well, he will finish the fight, but not for a couple more years. After the credits, though, we see that Cortana makes a new friend in the Gravemind who shows up to pass the time talking with each other. Not a very smart move for an A.I.

Halo: ODST

ODSTs taking aim.

Side story time. We’ll keep this brief since it’s a pretty short game for one, but also the fact that there are only a few key things here you need to know for the rest of the series. ODSTs, or orbital drop shock troopers, are one step above basic infantry in the UNSC. They drop from orbit in metal pods to wherever they need to be and, you know, fight the aliens.

Halo: ODST takes place on New Mombasa during Halo 2. Remember when we mentioned how Regret went into slipspace while inside the city and how bad that was? Well, this game basically shows you that. You play as an unnamed ODST rookie, just called Rookie, and a squad of ODSTs led by Buck. Buck’s the important one here, by the way. You’re dropped into New Mombasa to fight the invasion when the slipspace thing happens and massive chaos ensues.

Anyway, you go through various missions trying to save the city, playing as each member of the squad, but nothing really of consequence happens until the end. You find a new race in the Covenant called Engineers, which are basically just slaves that don’t want to be in their cult at all, one of which you rescue and learn all about the Covenant’s plans from. Turns out, there’s a reason they picked New Mombasa to invade. There’s some sort of Forerunner artifact buried there that they really, really want. What that is, we’ll learn in Halo 3.

Halo 3

Master Chief running.

Back on track, it’s time to finish the fight! Master Chief crash lands on Africa. And when we say he crash lands, we mean he. Not the ship he’s on, but him as a person. Yeah, don’t worry about what happened while he was on Truth’s ship. If you are worried, there’s a comic book that goes over that, but we’re not interested in books with nerd words in them. We stick to the video games.

Anyway, Johnson and the Arbiter, who’re totally pals now, rescue Chief. It only takes, like, one sentence for Chief to be convinced that the Elites are on the human’s side now, despite spending two entire games shooting every single one he’s seen. Whatever, now a team, Chief and Arbiter regroup with Keyes to figure out how they’re going to stop Truth from scorching the Earth so hard it turns to glass and turning on whatever artifact they’ve been digging up since Halo: ODST. The plan is basically: Shoot them with all their ships.

It doesn’t work out. Truth uses that triangle ship we’ve mentioned a few times to activate the thing they’ve been digging to create a portal straight to The Ark and takes off through it. Then, suddenly, the Flood! A Covenant ship just kind of shows up and crashes into Earth. Considering it is totally overrun with Flood, that’s a big problem that needs to be dealt with before following Truth. Plus, Chief would really like Cortana back, too, and fights his way to the ship, with the help of Elites, to find a message she left for him there. After that, there’s nothing left to do but follow Truth through the portal.

Humans and Elite ships arrive in space above The Ark, plus Guilty Spark is back because …  why not we guess. This thing is really, really far away from Earth. Like, outside our galaxy far, for safety. Truth is on his way to try and fire all the Halos at once, the Elites start a space war with the Covenant fleet, the Flood arrive on High Charity to start infecting The Ark, and Chief, Johnson, and Arbiter go down there to try and stop Truth. This was kind of another bad plan, since Truth wouldn’t have been able to activate The Ark himself, but manages to capture Johnson and is going to make him do it. Keyes tries to rescue him, but ends up getting herself shot before she can save or kill Johnson.

Truth actually manages to do it and use Johnson to start up every Halo in the galaxy. Gravemind is really pissed and teams up with Chief and Arbiter to help them stop Truth, which they do. Arbiter kills Truth and The Ark is turned off. Yay! But wait, don’t celebrate too soon, because seconds later Gravemind breaks their truce and attacks. They make it out of there, finally rescuing Cortana in the process, but also learn that the original Halo, the one they blew up in the first game, was actually brought to The Ark to be repaired. Guilty Spark is totally stoked about that since he had no purpose other than taking care of that ring. He’s far less stoked when Chief plans to turn the ring on, before it’s repaired, so that it self-destructs and blows itself, and The Ark, up.

As Chief, Arbiter, and Johnson are about to set this plan off, Spark goes full-on HAL on them and lasers a hole through Johnson, killing him. Chief kills the annoying eyeball bot, says bye to Johnson, and activates the ring. He and Arbiter make another nail-biting escape across the Halo as it’s breaking apart, jumping into the bay of the ship Forward Unto Dawn. Arbiter heads up to the front of the ship while Chief puts Cortana in a terminal thing in the back. They take off as The Ark starts blowing up, heading for the portal before it collapses. Only the front part of the ship actually made it through the portal before it closed, leaving Chief, who we guess just wanted to ride in the back, stranded in half a ship.

With nothing else to do, and being so far away from Earth that rescue would take a really, really long time, Chief settles down for a nice, relaxing rest in cryosleep. His final words, at least until the next game, are simply, “Wake me when you need me.”

Halo 4

Master Chief crouching with a gun.

If Chief was talking to Microsoft when he said those last lines before freezing himself, then they needed him right away. As soon as Bungie was done with the series, Microsoft had 343 Industries, named after the evil robot who killed Johnson if you recall, spin up a sequel. Being the first non-Bungie game, and having basically everything resolved by the end of Halo 3, Halo 4 is a bit of a wild ride from a story perspective.

We pick back up with Chief, who is in actuality woken back up by Cortana because their ship, or half a ship, is being invaded by remnants of the surviving Covenant. This includes Elites again, but don’t think too hard about that. There’s probably a book or radio show that explains it. Anyway, they’ve also drifted toward a mysterious planet. But wait, that’s no planet. It’s actually a thing called a shield world named Requiem. Chief gets his bearings again, killing some familiar aliens to get warmed up, as the ship is pulled down inside of Requiem. There’s some more Covenant here, but also a new enemy type called Prometheans. Prometheans were basically soldiers of the Forerunners from way back in the day and were based on Requiem.

While checking out the new place, Cortana starts acting kind of weird. It turns out she’s hit the ripe old age of seven, which is when A.I. start to go through a thing called Rampancy. We hope you’re used to all these proper nouns because this game throws a ton of them at us. Rampancy, basically, is a thing that happens to every A.I. eventually that makes them want to acquire godlike power, and also start to resent their creators. Not a good combo. Because he’s developed a weird crush on what has basically just been his talking navigation app, Chief promises to get Cortana back to Dr. Halsey (remember her?) to fix her.

In a not at all contrived twist of fate, the UNSC Infinity, a ship that was following the distress signal Cortana put out at the end of Halo 3, arrives at Requiem. Cortana wants to tell them to not get close to the non-planet because it will suck the ship in and crash it, but she can’t get a message out to them. She directs Chief to destroy some technology she thinks are radio jammers. Chief does what he does best, but Cortana was super wrong about what she thought she was having Chief disable. Instead of jammers, they were actually holding a dude called the Didact prisoner. The Didact, an actual Forerunner and leader of the Prometheans, decides basically on the spot that humans aren’t worthy of the Mantle of Responsibility. The Mantle of Responsibility is kind of complicated, but whatever race has it is generally supposed to look after all life in the galaxy. The Forerunners passed it on to humans when they wiped themselves out with the Halos when they were about to be killed by the Flood, and it’s also the reason only humans can activate the Halos.

So, after all that, the Infinity still ends up crash landing on Requiem, and the Didact just kind of takes control of the Covenant and his Prometheans. Chief goes and meets up with the Infinity’s captain, Rio, to figure out what to do. Chief and Cortana want to kill the Didact, but Rio orders them to turn off the gravity so they can fly away like cowards. Being the boy scout he is, Chief obeys and goes to deactivate Requiem’s gravity. On the way, though, the Librarian, wife of the Didact, starts talking to him. Or maybe talking at him is the better way of describing it, because she drives an entire dump truck of exposition into the game.

Long story short, the Forerunners were losing to the Flood way in the past. The Didact discovered that he could use a thing called a Composer to turn living creatures into Prometheans that were immune to the Flood, and started using it on ancient humans against their will to make an army. The Librarian wasn’t about that and trapped the Didact until you let him out. She then casts a magic spell on the Chief — not really, but it might as well have been — that makes him immune to the Composer. We warned you about all these proper nouns, remember?

Moving on, Chief breaks the gravity device and Rio wants to escape back to Earth. Chief, for probably the first time ever, disobeys an order when he’s told to give up Cortana, who is going noticeably crazy. The two escape and decide to go attack the Didact, who is preparing to leave Requiem too, now that the gravity thing isn’t preventing him from leaving either. They don’t manage to stop him in time, though, and have to chase him to … another Halo. This time it’s number 3, if you care, which is where the Didact left the Composer. He picks it up and tests it out on a nearby station filled with people, turning them all into Prometheans.

The Didact’s next target is Earth itself. Chief, with help from the Infinity, makes it onto the Didact’s ship with an actual nuke. Cortana utilizes her broken mind by injecting herself into the Didact’s ship and overloading it to basically disable it. Chief manages to beat the Didact, not killing him but knocking him into some portal thing, but the Composer is already activated. With no other choice, he punches the nuke — that’s right punches it — to destroy the Composer. Somehow, despite punching the nuke, Cortana is able to shield Chief from the explosion by sacrificing herself.

That’s where the campaign ends, but not the story. Halo 4 had an … interesting way of extending the story over time through a mode called Spartan Ops. These missions take place six months after Halo 4 and follow a team of Spartan IV’s deal with the Covenant faction and Prometheans still on Requiem who are up to no good. There’s a lot of filler here, so we’ll crunch it down as best we can.

Your team finds an artifact that you need Halsey to figure out. She starts getting emails from someone who turns out to be the leader of the new Covenant, who also kidnaps another scientist to try and work on a different artifact that they think is holding the Librarian. She wants to make a deal with the Covenant since she wants to free the Librarian too, and lets the Covenant come and capture her. The crew of Infinity is ordered to kill Halsey, but your team is ordered to rescue her instead.

Halsey actually manages to talk to the Librarian and gets two pieces of a thing called the Janus Key (oh god, more proper nouns!), which is a map showing where every Forerunner artifact in the galaxy is. The Covenant take half of this key as soon as she gets it, but Halsey is able to get the other half to your team before the Covenant take her away again. They set Requiem on a collision course with the sun, because we guess they can make it do that, and everyone bails. So, Halsey ends up with the Covenant with one half of the key, while the Infinity has the other half.

Halo 5: Guardians

Locke and Chief staring each other down.

Two months later, or eight months after the original ending of Halo 4, we once again get a split campaign like Halo 2. Unlike Halo 2, though, this is not an even split, either in terms of length or quality. On one hand, we have the Master Chief and Blue Team, which was his old squad of Spartan IIs from the books, and thus mean nothing to us since they’ve never even been mentioned in the games. On the other, we have Osiris, all Spartan IVs with even more people we don’t know. They’re lead by a dude named Locke, and bring back Buck, who has been promoted from ODST to Spartan IV. There are two others but they’re not important.

So, what did we mean when we said it wasn’t an even split, you know, aside from the quality remark? Well, Halo 5: Guardians has a total of 15 missions. Guess how many of those you play as Master Chief, who you might remember as the main character of the Halo franchise. Three. The answer is three missions. Only a fifth of Halo 5: Guardians is you actually playing as Master Chief. But we’re just here for the story, which has enough ground to cover without going into the other issues this game has, so let’s dive into that ball of wax.

The game opens with Osiris heading to a planet called Kamchatka where the new Covenant is holding Halsey. They’re easily able to rescue her and kill the Covenant leader, but Halsey warns them that way bigger problems are about to show up.

Meanwhile, Master Chief and his crew are doing … something on a research station. It doesn’t matter all that much since they have to blow up the station once the Covenant show up. While this is going on, Chief gets a message from Cortana telling him to go to a planet called Meridian. Even though his team is told to go back to the Infinity, they all decide that listening to an insane A.I. is a better idea and go AWOL. That prompts the Infinity to send Osiris after Blue Team to try and capture them, which I’m sure everyone thought would go very well.

Osiris follows Blue Team to Meridian where more Prometheans are ready to throw down, including a new threat named the Warden Eternal. This dude is Cortana’s bodyguard and never stays down for long. Osiris does actually catch up to Blue Team, where Locke tries to throw hands with Chief in an embarrassing display of botched choreography. Chief ends up winning their slap fight and escapes on a thing called a Guardian (not to be confused with Guardians from the Destiny games). It takes Chief to another planet, Genesis, where Cortana is. She claims her rampancy was magically cured by some Forerunner tech. Sounds totally legit to us.

Needing a Guardian of their own to follow Blue Team, Osiris goes to the Elite home planet where one is. The only problem is that the entire planet is in a civil war between the last of the new Covenant forces and the Arbiter and the actually chill Elites. They help out with the war a bit, at least just enough to get to the Guardian and use it to go to Genesis. There they meet a new A.I., Exuberant Witness, who wants to help them stop Cortana.

The two squads meet up once again, and they all learn that Cortana’s plan is to use the Guardians to force every culture in the galaxy to give up their weapons under threat of, well, obliteration basically. Even Chief realizes this ain’t it and tries to talk her out of it, but that just pisses her off and she locks Blue Team up in a space jail. While she’s doing that, Osiris sneakily manages to get Exuberant Witness back in control of the planet and is able to take control of their cell before Cortana escapes on a Guardian.

Cortana begins rampaging across the galaxy, recruiting all the A.I. she comes across. The Infinity starts doing slipspace jumps at random to get away from her, and eventually everyone meets back up on the Elite world, including Infinity, Osiris, Blue Team, the Arbiter, and Halsey, to figure out what they’re going to do.

Halo Wars 2

A Brute looking over the land.
Microsoft Studios

We’re almost there, folks, just one more RTS game that actually ties in a lot with what’s going on in Halo Infinite. So, remember the Spirit of Fire? Yeah, that ship ends up at the Ark 28 years later when they wake up, and just after Halo 5. They get a signal from the station and head down to check it out. Turns out a military base set up there came under attack from a group called the Banished. The Banished are described as a mercenary group that also broke off from the Covenant, but not the same as the group we’ve been fighting in the other games. The main difference is that this group is lead by Brutes, not Elites.

Anyway, the crew snag an A.I. and get the heck out of there. This A.I. tells them the whole story of the Banished taking over the Ark, and the Captain decides they should try and stop them despite being totally outmatched and with no backup. Because we’re the heroes, though, they manage to take over a base and get a bunch of data from the Ark’s Cartographer, with stuff like maps and weapons. Handy, eh?

Anyway, a lot more fighting happens, including a space battle, and eventually it is suggested that the crew actually use the Ark to make a Halo so they can use it as a signal for help. There are probably better ways of sending out a distress beacon, but hey, whatever works. They end up doing it, at least being smart enough to disable the Halo’s firing button, and set up their beacon. The Halo shoots out automatically into space and the crew, minus Anders (remember her?), who was on the ring, are left waiting for rescue. Again.

What’s most important here, at least that we know of for now, is that the Banished will be the main force you’re fighting in Halo Infinite.

With that, you are now fully caught up, as far as we know, on all the details you need to jump into Halo Infinite’s campaign this December.

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Marks and Spencer Just Created the Perfect Autumn Jumper

Marks and Spencer Just Created the Perfect Autumn Jumper

There is practically nothing that makes me quite as thrilled as the discovery of an economical merchandise that could easily move as designer. This 7 days, this second came in the sort of a jumper courtesy of high-avenue stalwart Marks and Spencer. Of system, superior ol’ M&S has generally been prized for its cashmere offering, but when I noticed this specific striking ombre amount, I could not aid but yelp with excitement. (It truly is my job, ok?) 

Coming in a statement-creating shade of red with a common crew-neck silhouette, this jumper just feels so quality. Potentially it truly is the reality that it is impactful without getting definitely “development-led,” and the cashmere fabric will make it come to feel undeniably lavish. I also think it’s the type of design and style that will glance excellent for quite a few seasons to occur. 

Both of those WWW editor Emma Spedding and I have been determined to try the jumper on IRL, and fortunately, we obtained that probability. I can ensure it appears even much better in man or woman. Just to show its versatility, we’ve styled the M&S knit a amount of unique means, all great for the autumn year. Scroll down to see our outfits and to store the jumper. 

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Facebook’s Massive Outage Saw Millions Sign up to Rival Apps

Facebook’s Massive Outage Saw Millions Sign up to Rival Apps

Facebook’s Massive Outage Saw Millions Sign up to Rival Apps

When Fb end users experienced concluded mocking the corporation about its calamitous worldwide outage on Monday, Oct 4, lots of apparently flocked to rival applications in order to get back in contact with mates and relatives.

The six-hour outage — brought on by configuration modifications to Facebook’s routers that prevented its personal computer systems from speaking in the common way — also impacted Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, which Fb also operates.

With billions of men and women afflicted, tens of thousands and thousands of customers created a beeline for rival messaging app Telegram, according to Pavel Durov, the startup’s CEO and founder.

“Yesterday Telegram expert a history increase in person registration and activity,” Pavel wrote in an on the net publish, proclaiming that a staggering 70 million individuals signed up in a subject of several hours.

Pavel added that the service was largely ready to cope with the sudden maximize in utilization, nevertheless admitted that “some buyers in the Americas may possibly have professional slower pace than standard as tens of millions of customers from these continents rushed to indication up for Telegram at the exact time.”

Telegram released in 2013 and as of July this calendar year served 550 million monthly active customers.

Sign, yet another messaging app that’s estimated to have all-around 40 million every month active people, also claimed to have added “millions” of new end users to its assistance on Monday although Fb remained offline.

No matter whether these new signal-ups convert into normal people of Telegram and Sign continues to be to be observed, but the apparent desertion by so a lot of people in response to a single celebration will doubtless worry Facebook’s top rated workforce.

As the outage continued on Monday, Facebook’s market place price fell by almost $50 billion, however it recovered some of people losses on Tuesday. It’s also assumed to have misplaced all over $79 million in advert earnings during the downtime. The moment Fb and its other services were being restored later on Monday, the organization claimed it was “working to fully grasp a lot more about what occurred currently so we can go on to make our infrastructure extra resilient.”

If the Fb fiasco has still left you eager to try a new messaging app, then consider a moment to verify out Electronic Trends’ major recommendations.

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We Tried Vida Glow Collagen Supplements—Here’s Our Review

We Tried Vida Glow Collagen Supplements—Here’s Our Review

There’s no denying that one of the biggest trends to emerge in 2021 has been the rise of ingestible beauty products. In fact, when we asked experts at the start of the year to predict the biggest trends in the skincare space, almost all of them called out skincare supplements and products that focused on the inside as trends to watch. This really comes as no surprise. As a lot of our traditional beauty routines have been stripped-down and pared-back over the last 18 months, it makes perfect sense that ingestible beauty supplements that promise plump, radiant skin and stronger hair are growing in popularity.

So when we heard that Vida Glow—a market leader in ingestible beauty and the number one global marine collagen brand—was launching in the UK, we were understandably intrigued. Formulated to firm skin, thicken hair, strengthen nails and generally impart that much-desired glow that we’re all after, Vida Glow’s clinically proven marine collagen sounds very much like a supplement that we can get on board with. And how about it being backed by dermatologists and skin scientists? Now that’s the kind of ingestible beauty product we can trust. Sure, some of our editors have been known to be a little sceptical about the efficacy of supplements in the past, but the fact that one unit of Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen range is sold every four seconds might just be enough to convince them that this supplement is worth the hype.

But what is a collagen supplement, and why is it worth incorporating into your beauty routine in the first place?

Collagen is a protein found naturally throughout our bodies. In fact, it’s the most abundant protein that we have, and it’s one of our skin’s most important building blocks. Because it’s present in everything from our skin to our bones, it’s naturally a very important factor in keeping our bodies strong and healthy. But in our mid-20s, collagen production begins to decrease, which results in those classic signs of ageing: fine lines, loss of skin elasticity, thinner hair and more brittle nails.

Of course, it goes without saying that ageing is a beautiful thing, but helping our skin, hair and nails stay strong and healthy for as long as possible is only a good thing in our minds, and that’s where Vida Glow comes in. 

Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen is a collagen-peptide powder that you take each day to support your body’s natural collagen production process. We like to think of it as an extension of your morning skincare routine. Adding a sachet to your morning coffee or glass of water is a totally fuss-free way to take an inside-out approach to beauty. Now, ready for the science? Vida Glow’s clinically proven marine collagen is activated through a natural hydrolysis process, which means that the peptides are small in weight but high in impact. In fact, the absorption rate is over 90%. Simply put, the body can effectively absorb Vida Glow’s collagen and genuinely put it to good use. And with regular use, Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen could help you maintain healthy skin and hair while improving fine lines, wrinkles, skin elasticity and firmness. And of course, you’ll have that all-important lit-from-within glow.

So how long does it take to work? Skincare research and clinical trials show that visible results can be seen in three to four weeks of consecutive daily use of marine collagen. Even better, with regular use, consumers should see a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles by week six and and increase in skin elasticity and firmness by week nine. Sounds impressive, right?

Below, three of our editors put Vida Glow to the test, so keep scrolling to see their honest reviews and results.

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief

Hannah Almassi before taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

I definitely haven’t been feeling my most healthy self of late. Toddler sleep patterns, work and plenty of nursery germs have taken a toll on my well-being, and that’s certainly reflected in how I look right now. I’ve been prone to more outbreaks, which is very unusual for my skin, and my wrinkles are far more noticeable than they were a year or so ago. While beauty supplements and specifically collagen supplements aren’t something that I’d tried before, I do take a good multivitamin, fish oil and vitamins D and C to help boost my immune system. 

I’ve always had a very low-key beauty routine, but I feel the tide turning as I age, and now is a good time to start putting more effort into looking after myself when it comes to my health and feeling confident in my own skin. I’d love to have a more even skin tone and texture, and some of those fine lines and blemishes are more than welcome to return to where they came from! Additionally, I have a lot of flyaway, super-short, post-partum “baby” hairs, which can make my overall style look a bit wild and unruly, so I’d like for them to grow out ASAP. I’ve definitely been putting more consideration into the products I use, my beauty routine and what I eat, so testing out Vida Glow came at an opportune moment. 

Hannah Almassi after taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

In terms of first impressions, Vida Glow is very chic and striking—a million miles away from those naff tube adverts for supplements that target women in their mid-30s like me. The original flavour, which I tried first, definitely has a marine lilt to it, so I was more keen on the fruity options. But as far as making it work with my current routine, it was easy. As I previously mentioned, self-care isn’t at the top of my agenda right now, but I do drink a lot of water. Adding Vida Glow to a glass at the same time as I take my daily vitamins was a simple adjustment to make.

Since taking Vida Glow, the most noticeable difference has been with my skin. It looks a little plumper (in a good way) and glowier without any makeup. Okay, so I’m not suddenly 20 years younger, but I look far better than I actually feel right now. (I have yet another cold.) While I don’t think I’ll start taking endless amounts of beauty supplements, collagen is so useful for the body in so many ways, so continuing to use Vida Glow is a no-brainer. It’s really a no-fuss tweak you can add to your routine that will give you a daily confidence boost!

Vanese Maddix, Who What Wear Contributor

Vanese Maddix before taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

I already knew a bit about collagen before being introduced to Vida Glow—mainly that it’s a protein found in the body that helps with skin elasticity and can really help your skin look and feel more supple and radiant. However, I don’t currently take any supplements, and I’ve always felt quite overwhelmed when researching them. There are a lot of brands on offer and a lot of claims, and while I know people who swear by beauty supplements, there are others who totally write them off. 

Right now, my hair is in braids with extensions for added length, and it’s in good condition. My only general concern is keeping it as hydrated as possible until I wash it next. As a beauty journalist, I have quite a thorough skincare routine, but my main concern right now is that I’m dealing with quite a bit of dryness. As for my nails? They’re okay, but I do find that they can be quite brittle and break easily. If I had a wish list of what I’d want to see after taking Vida Glow, it would be some growth in my natural hair, less dry skin and stronger nails. (I’d really love to not have to worry about them breaking.) 

Vanese Maddix after taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

Another shout-out for the packaging! Vida Glow is so aesthetically pleasing, which made me even more excited to try it out. While I was quite apprehensive to begin with (a lot of ingestible beauty products really don’t taste great), Vida Glow actually tastes pretty good. I especially enjoyed trying the pineapple flavour, which was like a subtle fruit juice.

Since taking Vida Glow, my nails are definitely starting to feel much stronger, and I’ve had hardly any breakage. My skin definitely looks more radiant, too. And while the dryness hasn’t completely gone away, I think that continuing to take a daily supplement alongside my existing skincare routine will be really beneficial. As for my hair, it’s quite difficult to tell since it’s currently in braids. But halfway through trying Vida Glow, I took out my previous braids, washed my natural hair and got new braids done. I did notice that my hair seemed to have less breakage and seemed more manageable than usual.

Unlike Hannah, I’m not so good at keeping hydrated throughout the day, so I did struggle a little to fit Vida Glow into my daily routine. However, by the second week, I was getting into more of a routine with it and made sure to drink it with a glass of water before I left the house for the day. If anything, taking Vida Glow has been a great way for me to up my water intake. I think I’ll continue to take Vida Glow, especially as I’m keen to pinpoint any more benefits this supplement has for my skin, hair and nails. It’s definitely opened my eyes to the fact that beauty supplements can taste good, and I’m now more open to trying out other ingestible beauty products in future.

Emma Spedding before taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

I am very cynical about beauty supplements, and I probably would have never tried one if I wasn’t asked to for work. I think there is so much that goes into the health of your skin and hair, and I’m unsure how only one supplement could have that much of an impact. However, my skin has certainly felt the impact of the last year and has been dry, dull and more temperamental than usual. I’ve also noticed that I’ve started to develop more fine lines across my forehead and around my eyes. My nails have been longer than ever thanks to consistent visits to the nail salon for gel manicures. However, I did just commit the ultimate beauty sin and rip off all my gel nail polish rather than having it removed (I know!), so they’re now feeling rather brittle and weak. My hair is always a little thick and tricky to style, but after a recent cut, I’m happy with its condition at the moment.

If I’m hoping to see any results from taking Vida Glow, it’s an improvement in my skin. I’ve been lucky to have quite a consistent complexion, but I’ve really seen a shift since the pandemic with stress showing itself in the form of breakouts and those aforementioned fine lines. I’m getting married in 12 months, and I really want to get on top of a skincare routine that will improve the health of my skin overall. 

Emma Spedding after taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

First of all, I thought the Vida Glow packaging was really lovely, and I liked how the sachets all come in a neat box. I went to Portugal on holiday during my trial run, and it was very easy to pop a couple of sachets into my wash bag. I also think that tea lovers will appreciate how nicely the box slotted in alongside my tea bags, which was very handy as I’d put Vida Glow in my morning coffee and my afternoon tea.

Now, here’s the thing: My initial two-week Vida Glow experiment coincided with my holiday abroad, where I had to wear a face mask outside in the heat, and the maskne was real. When I arrived home, my skin had to find its balance again, and there’s no denying that it really wasn’t looking its best. However, I have been continuing to take Vida Glow since I got home, and I’m amazed by how many people have complimented my skin. In fact, at Fashion Week—when my skin normally looks pretty tired—both of my colleagues commented on how glowy my skin looked when I wasn’t even wearing any highlighter or glowy products. (They couldn’t believe I wasn’t wearing a highlighter.) And our Beauty Editor, Mica, was seriously impressed with how radiant my complexion looked in these after photos.

Personally, I’ve been really impressed by how easy Vida Glow is to fit into my existing routine, and I’m really pleased with the glow in these after photos. I prefer taking the original sachets, which don’t have a strong taste. And like Vanese, I found that it helped me achieve my other beauty goal of drinking more water. I’ll definitely keep taking Vida Glow to give the supplements even more time to work their magic. Since I’m getting married next year, glowy skin is the main thing that I care about in my bridal beauty routine, so I can see myself keeping this up. Especially if the compliments keep coming in!

The original supplement made with marine collagen and nothing else.

This is the best-selling flavour from Vida Glow’s fruity selection.

This tropical flavour was Vanese’s pick of the bunch.

Like all of Vida Glow’s flavoured collagen sachets, this just contains natural marine collagen, natural sweetener and real fruit—in this case, mangoes.

Our beauty editor swears by this peachy flavour for her morning dose of collagen.

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Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021: Deals to Shop TODAY

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021: Deals to Shop TODAY

The holiday season is upon us, and Amazon has launched the festivities right away with huge discounts that look like Black Friday deals. Here’s your chance at a head start on your gift-buying, before the chaos that usually emerges during the highly-anticipated shopping holiday.

Among the products that are currently on sale on Amazon are the Echo Dot, Beats Studio 3, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watch Series 6. We’ve rounded up some of the best offers from the retailer that you can take advantage of today, but feel free to look around if you want to discover more in the Amazon Black Friday-worthy Sale 2021.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) — $25, was $40

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021: Deals to Shop TODAY

The 3rd-generation Amazon Echo Dot delivers easy access to Alexa in a compact package that can fit in any corner of your home. It improves upon the speaker quality of the previous model, while also increasing the sensitivity of the microphone so the smart speaker won’t miss your voice commands. The 3rd-generation Amazon Echo Dot is available from Amazon for just $25, after a $15 discount to its original price of $40.

Amazon Kindle — $60, was $90

Person reading an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

The 2019 Amazon Kindle is an affordable e-book reader with a lightweight design and a glare-free display with brightness that you can adjust depending on your environment. It can last for weeks on a single charge, and it can store thousands of books in its 8GB of storage. The ad-supported version of the 2019 Kindle is available on Amazon at $30 off, lowering the e-book reader’s price to a cheap $60 from its original price of $90.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook — $170, was $220

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021: Deals to Shop TODAY

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook features an 11.6-inch HD display, and it’s powered by the Intel Celeron N4020 processor and 4GB of RAM so it can handle basic functions without a hitch. The laptop runs on Google’s Chrome OS, which enables snappy performance despite low-end hardware because it takes advantage of web-based apps. The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook may appear like it’s part of this year’s Black Friday laptop deals and Black Friday Chromebook deals, as Amazon is selling it for just $170, down $50 from its original price of $220.

Beats Studio 3 — $170, was $350

Beats Studio3 Headphones on Woman Laughing

If you’re looking forward to Black Friday headphone deals, you might not have to wait because of Amazon’s offer for the Beats Studio 3. The wireless headphones come with an active noise canceling feature to block external noise, and offer up to 22 hours of battery life on a single charge. You can purchase the Beats Studio 3 from Amazon for just $170, less than half of its original price of $350 after a $180 discount.

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max — $176, was $280

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021: Deals to Shop TODAY

If you need help in maintaining a clean floor, you should take advantage of Amazon’s sale price for the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max. The robot vacuum offers suction power of up to 2,000Pa, with BoostIQ technology that maximizes that power whenever it’s needed. It connects to your Wi-Fi so that you can control it with the EufyHome app or through your preferred voice assistant. There’s a $104 discount on the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max on Amazon, lowering its price to $176 from its original price of $280.

AirPods Pro — $179, was $249

The Apple AirPods Pro inside their wireless charging case.

There’s no need to wait for Black Friday AirPods deals if you want the AirPods Pro, as they’re currently on sale on Amazon. The wireless earbuds offer active noise cancellation with Transparency Mode if you want to listen to everything around you without taking them off. They are sweat- and water-resistant, and offer easy access to Siri. You can purchase the AirPods Pro from Amazon for $179, after a $70 discount on their original price of $249.

Apple iPad 10.2 (Wi-Fi, 64GB) — $299, was $329

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021: Deals to Shop TODAY

The 9th-generation iPad was just released, so most shoppers wouldn’t expect it to be part of Black Friday tablet deals and Black Friday iPad deals. However, the tablet, with a 10.2-inch Retina display and Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, is already on sale on Amazon. The Wi-Fi, 64GB version of the 2021 iPad is available with a $30 discount, bringing the tablet’s price down to $299 from its original price of $329.

Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) — $349, was $399

Apple Watch Series 6
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The Apple Watch Series 7 is on its way, but the Apple Watch Series 6 is still a viable option for a wearable device. The smartwatch offers comprehensive health monitoring features, including ECG and SpO2 measurements, and an always-on screen that looks amazing on your wrist. The GPS, 40mm version of the Apple Watch Series 6 is available for $349 on Amazon, after a $50 discount to its original price of $399.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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6 Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips Experts Want You to Know

6 Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips Experts Want You to Know

You’d be appropriate in assuming that makeup wipes really have no place in any magnificence aficionado’s routine. Inspite of the fact that their throwaway character has the possible to greatly injury the world, they can also prove detrimental to the affliction of your skin. “Most cleaning wipes comprise detergent-like chemical substances and severe alcohols that strip away the normal pH stability of the pores and skin. These components can result in discomfort and leave the pores and skin dry, dehydrated and sensitive,” reveals celeb facialist Lisa Harris.

At this stage, you may well be questioning just how severe the dryness can definitely be. On the other hand, it turns out it’s not just the severe chemical compounds that can cause the pores and skin to age. Harris goes on, “Wipes don’t cleanse the pores and skin appropriately and alternatively distribute microbes about the encounter, which can lead to much more issues later on on. More than cleansing with harsh wipes can really slender and age the pores and skin.”

So what are the other choices? It’s true, the ease of applying a cleaning wipe just can’t be denied, however, there are just as many easy-to-use cleansers out there that won’t jeopardise the ailment of your skin. “My advice is to use a good cleanser that will raise everyday grime as properly really encourage new skin cells to the surface, leaving your pores and skin appropriately cleansed without leaving any unpleasant substances or residue on the skin,” advises Harris.

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YouTube TV And NBCUniversal Reach Deal To Keep Channels

YouTube TV And NBCUniversal Reach Deal To Keep Channels

YouTube Television set and NBCUniversal have reached a new carriage arrangement and staved off the removing of 13 channels from what is thought to be the next-biggest live Tv streaming support in the United States. The resolution was announced a small extra than a working day immediately after a small-time period extension was granted.

Mentioned NBCUniversal in an emailed statement:

We are thrilled to have arrived at a offer with YouTube Television and can continue to provide our full network portfolio, with out interruption. YouTube is a valued husband or wife and we never ever want to require our supporters in a dispute, but we felt obligated to enable them know what was at stake. We thank our viewers for their loyalty and assure to continue bringing them the networks and systems they really like.

YouTube Tv, for its element, also was “thrilled” in its email to subscribers.

We’re thrilled to share that we have reached a deal with NBCUniversal to proceed carrying the complete NBCUniversal portfolio of channels, such as their Regional Sports Networks and your community NBC station. That means you won’t shed entry to any of their channels, and YouTube TV will go on to present 85+ networks for $64.99* per month.

‌We take pleasure in NBCUniversal’s willingness to function towards an arrangement, and we also enjoy your patience whilst we negotiated with them on your behalf. Many thanks once again for being a YouTube TV member.

YouTube TV on an iPhone.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Traits

The two companies weren’t shy in letting consumers know that the carriage offer, which presents YouTube Television the rights to have NBCUniversal channels, was established to expire on September 30. YouTube Television did so with relatively even-keeled web site article, although NBCUniversal ran on-display screen crawls in all-funds letters and launched a site imploring YouTube Television set clients to inundate customer support with needs that the fits uncover a way to make a deal and not drop channels. YouTube Tv was obvious that if no deal was achieved and channels were being eliminated, it would reduced the rate of its company by $10 a month to $55 until the channels returned.

At stake had been NBC, Bravo, CNBC, E!, Golfing Channel, MSNBC, Oxygen, SYFY, Telemundo, The Olympic Channel, Universal Young children, Universo, and Usa Community.

YouTube Tv set mother or father organization Google described in October 2020 that the company had a lot more than 3 million clients. It has not up to date individuals figures because then, nor did it get any additional distinct as to the selection of subscribers. Hulu With Stay Tv set, which reviews new subscriber quantities as component of parent firm Disney’s quarterly earnings, most recently documented some 3.7 million paid out subscribers as of July 3, 2021. Sling Television set described 2.44 million subscribers as of June 30, 2021.

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5 Milan Fashion Week Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2022

5 Milan Fashion Week Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2022

Trend thirty day period proceeds to truck on, and we’re still reveling in all the glorious newness. The fashion months in Copenhagen, New York, and London ended up jam-packed with enjoyable S/S 22 trends, and of program, Milan was no exception. All of your favourite Italian heavyweight models really outdid on their own this season and still left us with some great styling strategies and cult purchases to appear ahead to. 

As we sorted via all the breathtaking shows that took position in Milan, there was a ton to digest, but we were equipped to slender down the newness to five essential traits. That includes the miniskirt you happen to be certain to see everywhere you go this spring thanks to Prada and what we’re deeming just one of two new naked traits to search ahead to in 2022, this list will give you the obtain on almost everything you will need to know from Milan Fashion Week. 

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How to Make the Fluffiest Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins! | Thrifty Decor Chick

How to make the softest material pumpkin pillows devoid of a sewing

An quick knock off of the Pottery Barn teddy bear pumpkins! 

These lovable stuffed pumpkins are SO delicate and will seem great in your slide
decor, or would function as cute pillows on chairs or sofas. It really is simple to make
material pumpkins and no stitching equipment or working experience is essential. 

I came throughout the most cute stuffed pumpkins on the net a pair months ago
and understood I had to make some of my own. 

This article could contain affiliate links for
your convenience. 

But the rate…nope. At least when I understood I could recreate them for
a fraction of what they are charging. 

I went to the craft retailer in research of the softest, fluffiest fabric I could
obtain. I acquired 3 colours in extremely very similar fabrics — a person light-weight product, just one
medium brown and 1 darkish brown. 

They are all SO Comfortable and cozy. I just liked all three. The dark material is
what I think is thought of the genuine “teddy bear” material, but they all labored
fantastically for this project. 

I’ve never ever made my very own fabric pumpkins, but I figured it out together the way.
My first technique worked Alright, but then I did a tiny investigation and will be
sharing the instructions I ended up making use of for the relaxation of the

This Do-it-yourself material pumpkin how-to will get the job done with each the fluffy fabrics I’m
employing and thinner selections for cotton or velvet pumpkins. 

To start with up, slice a rounded sq. or circle out of your fabric in the size you

fluffy teddy bear fabric for DIY pumpkins

The width of your material will count on the sizing you want for your pumpkin.
I manufactured my significant pumpkin with a size about 16-18 inches throughout. 

I really advise
cloth scissors
if you do the job on initiatives like this typically — they make it way easier to
slash, primarily fluffy things like this!

It turns out you definitely don’t have to reduce down your material corners — I
found it truly worked high-quality to leave it a sq. shape. The corners help
fill in the center element wherever your stem will go later. 

On my to start with attempt, I just just collected all of the material at the best,
wrapped it with twine to secure and then slash off of the excessive. 

I was remaining with this section: 

no sew fabric pumpkins

I flipped it around and included my “stem” at the best. It was a small challenging
to wrangle all of the material alongside one another and tie it, and the stem was not
secured well when I was performed. 

So I switched to this system, which was genuinely effortless with this fabric. 

easy sewing fabric pumpkins

This goes super quickly and I promise you you should not have to have to know any stitching
working experience to do this. Just weave it in and out like I did over. 

It doesn’t will need to be fantastic — you is not going to even see the thread when you happen to be

As soon as you’ve received it all around the circumference of the fabric, you can take each and every
conclude of the embroidery thread and pull them with each other to begin closing the
pumpkin like so: 

fabric pumpkins no sewing machine
In advance of you shut it all the way up, you are going to want to start off filling it with
fiber fill. I utilised about two and a fifty percent a person pound bags to do nine stuffed

I constantly propose pulling the fill aside a several occasions to fluff it up ahead of

fluff up fiber fill

It will go a lot further if you do this initially!

I do not recommend stuffing it absolutely whole at this level, as it truly is harder
to shut if overstuffed. You can want to increase some added stuffing to fill
up elements later on.

The moment you’ve acquired it loaded up to your liking (pull your thread together at
the prime to see how full it is), you can tie it up, but leave some some room
for your stem and for a minor closing stuffing!

At this issue you can increase your stem and be finished if you want — the “pillow”
will have a condition that by now resembles a pumpkin. 

But I needed the outlined sections like the inspiration pillows, and I consider
they just seem extra like a authentic pumpkin anyway. 🙂 

I grabbed my
jute twine
and begun at the major by the gap for the stem, then wrapped the twine
tightly around the pumpkin again to the leading. 

Here is a look at of the bottom of the pumpkin so you can see how I was wrapping
the twine all around: 

fluffy fabric DIY pumpkin tutorial

Depart some extra twine at the top that you can tie just about every go close to the
pumpkin to. 

Just about every time you wrap the pumpkin, tie it off in a knot on top of the pumpkin
to retain the jute as tight as probable: 

using jute to make fabric pumpkins

I would wrap with twine, knot it at the top rated to secure, then take the twine
around in one more path, knot, and repeat until finally I experienced all the “sections”
I wished.

You can be remaining with a gap that you can continue to healthy a stem into:

how to make fluffy stuffed pumpkins

By the way, I have no clue if this is how it is “meant” to be finished. I was
winging this for the most portion. 🙂 But it worked very well and went rapid!


Before you insert the stem, you are going to want to fluff up the pumpkin a little bit much more.
Just take much more fiber fill and tuck it inside of and up into to top of the pillow to
fill in any flat areas. The fluffier the superior!

For the stem you can use just about something that resembles the condition. Slash
branches from outdoors would perform without any supplemental actions. 

I wanted ours to be a little bit thicker, so I utilized the extra stems I made use of for the
trunk of my Do-it-yourself olive tree. 

I lower them down and then wrapped with jute utilizing my sizzling glue gun: 

DIY pumpkin stem with jute

This approach looks wearisome but it truly goes super fast — each individual a single only
took a minute or two. 

If I essential my stem to be thicker to fill the heart hole a little bit more, I
just wrapped it with twine 2 times to make it a little bit broader. 

I loaded up the bottom of the stems with scorching glue and trapped them into the
middle of the pumpkins. They aren’t outrageous protected — plenty ample, but I
would not be grabbing them by the stem to have them all around. 

(If you know of a far more protected way to incorporate the stem, you should share!)

I was scheduling to make a few, but I loved these sweet stuffed pumpkin SO
a lot, I kept heading. 

They are SO Lovable!:

teddy bear fabric pumpkins

knock off Pottery Barn teddy bear pumpkins

The fabric went a prolonged way — I got much less than a fifty percent of a yard in each colour
and was capable to make 9 pillows. I even have a little additional material

Usually are not they adoyable?? (As my niece claims.):

DIY white, cream and brown fabric pumpkins

DIY fluffy fabric pumpkin decor

DIY soft fabric pumpkins

They are so unbelievably comfortable and I just like them. 

The very best section? I manufactured all of mine with $30 well worth of fabric and fill — and
the smallest Pottery Barn teddy bear pumpkin is $29. 

Soooo I got 9 for the price tag of A single:

soft fabric pumpkin fall decor

No disgrace in getting, consider me…often it’s the only way to go in my
thoughts. But if you like the glance of these stuffed pumpkins, it can be value attempting
to make your personal for way significantly less!

You cannot defeat 9 for the selling price of one particular! 

This would be this kind of a enjoyable craft venture to do with mates or more mature young children for
a craft night. 

Try employing outdated sweaters or blankets to make these as well!

Have you attempted generating your own stuffed pumpkins? Can you believe I’ve never
tried this Diy until now? 

You can pin this tutorial for later on employing this picture:

How to make fluffy stuffed pumpkins

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